A Database for Brick

HodDB is a specialized RDF/SPARQLl triplestore database for Brick. It stores models of buildings and serves queries on those models.

HodDB has the following goals:

  • sub-100ms SPARQL queries on Brick graphs
  • facilitate integration with external services:
    • use Literals to store timeseries UUIDs or application URIs
  • BOSSWAVE integration
  • store the history of changes to the Brick model of the building
    • (currently under development)


From source:

$ sudo apt install libraptor2-dev graphviz
$ go get github.com/gtfierro/hod
$ go install github.com/gtfierro/hod
$ hod load path/to/building.ttl
$ hod server
NOTICE server.go:84 Dec 28 21:37:56  ▶ Starting HTTP Server on

From Docker:

$ sudo apt install docker.io # if necessary
$ docker pull gtfierro/hoddb
$ docker run -d --name hoddb -v /etc/hod:/etc/hod -p 47808:47808 gtfierro/hoddb

Public Query Server

Available at https://query.hoddb.org/